World class life sciences in Solna

Solna is the centre of one of Europe's most advanced life science clusters, with its focal point around Karolinska Institutet (KI) and Karolinska University Hospital (KS).

New University Hospital Karolinska

World-class life sciences

The new city district Hagastaden is the centre of one of Europe's most advanced life science clusters. Hagastaden has been built on the boundary between Solna and Stockholm, and includes the new university hospital New Karolinska Solna and the Karolinska Institutet (KI), one of the world's foremost medical universities. A centre for tertiary care and world-leading life sciences to improve public health is being developed in this district
Solna is working with the City of Stockholm, Stockholm County Council, KI, the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University and other stakeholders in the Stockholm Science City Foundation to strengthen the position of Solna and Stockholm within the field of life sciences with the joint brand Stockholm Life Solna - Stockholm. This work is based on Vision 2025 for Karolinska - Norra Station, Hagastaden, the aim of which is to make the district a world-renowned area for life sciences.

Vision 2025
Over the next years, it is estimated that investment in the area will amount to around 5,5 billion €. This makes this development project the largest initiative ever in Sweden. A 'triple helix' lies behind this investment; that is, the university, community and industry working in interaction.

  • 5 500 new housing units
  • 36 000 workplaces
  • Motorway overbuild
  • Building work completed in 2025
  • A new university hospital: Nya Karolinska Solna
  • In total, approximately 600 000 m2 intended for life sciences, 400 000 m2 of which is new

Stockholm Life Solna - Stockholm
The Stockholm Science City Foundation is working to support the development and establishment of life sciences operations in the area. Academic research, clinical trials, health and medical care and business can come together here in a dynamic environment, where interesting ideas can develop and be commercialised.

Europe's most modern university hospital
Nya Karolinska Solna, the new university hospital, will be a highly specialised hospital creating unique opportunities for collaboration between research and clinical applications.

  • Total area: approximately 335 000 m2
  • Highly specialised medical treatment
  • Europe's most modern university hospital
  • 800 care places
  • Inauguration planned for December 2016

Science for Life Laboratory - SciLifeLab - represents a unique collaboration between the Karolinska Institutet, the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University and Uppsala University. It is an advanced laboratory within genomics and sequencing. A world-class centre for the study of genes and proteins of relevance to common ailments. Joint initiative by the Karolinska Institutet, the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University and Uppsala University. Partnership between Stockholm and Uppsala, with a facility in both cities.

  • Total floor space: 7 500 m2 (2013)

Four blocks representing life sciences
Four blocks representing research-intensive business operations are being set up in cooperation with the property developer Oslo Naeringseiendom, just across the road from the Nya Karolinska Solna University Hospital.

  • Intended for research-intensive business operations
  • 25 metres from Nya Karolinska Solna University Hospital
  • 40 000 m2
  • 3 000 workplaces
  • Planned occupancy 2017-2018

The area
The Hagastaden district is being built for a mix of educational institutions, businesses, research institutes, hospitals, cafes and restaurants, culture, other services and beautiful parks. It will be a dynamic and modern district, with enough space for 36 000 new workplaces and 5 500 housing units.

An important part of the development of Hagastaden is overbuilds of motorways and railway lines. Stockholm and Solna are being joined together and this new urban area will be a joint resource for both municipalities. There is space for scientific and industrial development in the current hospital area. Hagastaden will become an attractive district in which to reside, live and work for people of all ages and phases of life. Good communications, its proximity to two international airports and being within walking distance of the financial centre of the national capital, together with a rich range of cultural offerings, mean that this district is close to everything!


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