Sweden's most business- friendly city

Solna supports its entrepreneurs. This dynamic market hosts over 8500 businesses of different sizes and sectors, from high-tech to service companies.

Why Solna?

Solna is a fantastic place for entrepreneurs. The city has a dynamic market with over 8500 businesses of various sizes and in different sectors. Solna has everything from large multinational corporations to small newly established firms, from high-tech companies to service companies.

There are many reasons why businesses choose Solna

Access to world-class skills, research and technologies particularly in life sciences, film industry and ICT
Easy access to a growing number of advanced costumers
Hub for regional headquarters with a high concentration of decisions makers
A top event destination with a world-class arena
Strategic location and part of the Stockholm region
Excellent business climate
Rich cultural assets

Solna is ranked as Sweden's most business-friendly municipality and offers first-class municipal services. For the seventh time in the 2000s, Solna was in 2012 awarded as Sweden's most business-friendly municipality by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.

Business services
The City of Solna offers high-quality services to businesses that want to establish and grow in Solna. Services for businesses are an important area for the city and we continuously seek to improve these services through systematic work.

The City of Solna endeavours to be a service organisation for businesses. Staff at the City of Solna are service-oriented and the organisation prioritises rapid processing of matters so that businesses can focus on their core operation. There is a good understanding that many businesses depend on quick answers when confronted with restructuring or expansion plans or are considering other options that require permits from or decisions by municipal authorities.

The City of Solna endeavours to offer businesses in Solna rapid and responsive services, regardless of whether a matter relates to development, building permits, alcohol licensing or parking permits. By making decisions quickly and working together, we are helping Solna to become a city for business.

Solna has a strategic geographical location, close to central Stockholm, and has good underground, bus and commuter train links. For longer journeys, it takes less than 20 minutes to travel to the international airports Arlanda and Bromma.The E4, E18 and E20 motorways are all easily accessible from Solna.

Solna's communications will be further improved in the coming years. A new branch of the Tvärbanan orbital tramway is being built to Solna Station across Solna Centrum from Alvik. Discussions are also underway about a public transport link to the Hagastaden district. There is a commuter train link between Arenastaden and Arlanda International Airport.

Business in Solna
Solna has a diverse and dynamic range of businesses dominated by the service and knowledge-intensive sectors. There are a number of small companies as well as head offices for multinational corporations and groups of companies.

The most prominent sectors include ICT, life sciences, finance and insurance, construction, food and business services. Solna is Sweden's most workplace-intensive city and equally many people have their workplace in Solna as those who live in the city.

There are a large number of head offices for Swedish and international companies in Solna. Agresso, Bayer, Billerud, Coop, Dell, Eniro, Eli Lilly, Fabege, Hewlett Packard, ICA, JM and Skanska all have their head offices in Solna.