New areas for establishment in Solna

Solna might be a small city, but there are many areas with great potential, suitable as a base for businesses that want to become established in Solna.

Areas for establishment

Solna is small in size, but has many areas that have great potential as a base for businesses that want to become established in Solna. It has a very convenient location and is Sweden's best business environment.

A list is provided here of the major areas for establishment available for businesses considering operations in Solna.


A new district is being built adjacent to Sweden's new national arena, the Friends Arena, offering first-class office premises and situated only 10 minutes from central Stockholm. Arenastaden will offer 200 000 m of office premises for more than 10 000 workplaces. Housing will also be built in the area, together with Scandinavia's biggest shopping centre, the Mall of Scandinavia, and the tallest hotel in the Stockholm area (90 metres) with over 400 double rooms. VattenfallAB has decided to move its Swedish head office to Arenastaden in Solna.


Frösunda offers almost 150 000 m2 of office space, with office buildings strategically placed along the E4 motorway, providing an excellent location for signage and good accessibility. Solna Station is within walking distance, as will be Arenastaden's communications in the future.

A number of Swedish and international businesses have chosen to locate their head offices in Frösunda. Agresso, ÅF, Bayer, Billerud, Canon, Dell, Eniro, Eli Lilly, Hewlett Packard and JM are examples of these companies. The head office of SAS is on the other side of the E4.

Karolinska - Norra Station

There are a large number of businesses in the area around the Karolinska Institutet (KI). Many of these are linked to life sciences, and the Karolinska Institutet Science Park is also located here, offering premises and research opportunities for newly established businesses within the field of life sciences.

This area will be dramatically transformed over the next few years thanks to the construction of Europe's most modern hospital, the Nya Karolinska Solna. The area around the hospital is being integrated with the Norra Station area between Solna and Stockholm and will become the core of Solna's strong life science cluster.

The Hagalund industrial area is next to the KI area. Hagalund offers office space of varying size and design.

World-class life sciences

Solna is the centre of one of Europe's most advanced life science clusters. With its focal point in the area around the Karolinska Institutet (KI) and Karolinska University Hospital (KS), there is a major concentration of research and entrepreneurs within life sciences, the broader definition of which includes biotechnology.

Solna is also working with the City of Stockholm, Stockholm County Council, KI, the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University and other stakeholders in the Stockholm Science City Foundation to strengthen the position of Solna and Stockholm within the field of life sciences. This work is based on the Vision 2025 for Karolinska - Norra Station, the aim of which is to make the district a world-renowned area for life sciences.

Solna Business Park

Solna Business Park is a modern business park, with total office space of around 140 000 m. There is an underground station in the area and it is close to commuter trains and SJ trains, as well as being adjacent to the E4 and the Bromma link road.

There are 50 or so interesting businesses at Solna Business Park within a number of different sectors, as well as opportunities for businesses to expand in their existing premises.

Solna Strand

Solna Strand lies next to the waters of Bällstaviken, between Sundbyberg and Solna. It is close to the Vreten underground station, which is only ten minutes from central Stockholm.

Solna Strand has expanded in recent years and has been transformed from an industrial area into a strongly profiled office area. There are over 10 000 workplaces in this area, including both large and small companies.


Ulriksdal is one of the new districts of Solna being built. Its central location alongside the E4 and Ulriksdal commuter station makes this area a good base for businesses with high standards in terms of accessibility and efficiency. There will be 5 000 workplaces and a total of 125 000 m of premises for offices, shops and other services.

The area offers first-rate signage opportunities along the E4, exposing company brands to over 120 000 passersby every day. This provides added value to businesses that have chosen to establish themselves in Ulriksdal.