Swedish for immigrants / SFI

Swedish for Immigrants (sfi) is a basic training program for adults in purpose to give basic skills in Swedish language. The program give you opportunities to develop an ability to verbally and in writing communicate in Swedish in everyday life, societal life, working life and education. Sfi is for those living in Solna. Tuition is free of charge and the school got all the books you need.

Sfi consist of three different paths, 1-3 with four different courses, A-D. Your level depends on your education- background, your prior knowledge or by earlier language-test.
Kurs A - B Study path 1. For you who have little or no schooling.

Kurs B - C Study path 2. For you who have primary education, are highly educated but need to study at a slower pace.

Kurs C - D Study path 3. For you who have higher education, experience of language learning and have the ability to work independently.
You can read more about the study-paths and courses at web-site of The Swedish National Agency for Education.
The link is on the right side of this page; Populära sidor.

Who is entitled to study sfi?
You have the right to study sfi if you are registered in the municipality of Solna, at least 16 years old and do not have basic knowledge of Swedish.
If you are an EU citizen and have a coordination number you report via the sfi notification on vux.solna.se/student .
EU-citizens without social security number or coordination number are able to study sfi. Contact the City of Solna's contact center for help with registration.

Where and when?
Solna Vuxenutbildning, Solna municipality, has agreement with several schools with different schedule. A list containing information about the schools is on the right side of this page; headline "Relaterade dokument, "Information schools-sfi".
Courses begin every second week except during Summer-time and is free of charge. Once you have registered you will receive an invitation via email from the school that you can start within 2-3 weeks

How do I apply?
You register via a web form. In the notification, select the school and time for your studies. After you have made your registration you will receive notice by e-mail from the school about when to start.
If you have questions about when to start, you shall contact the school.

Grade or certificate?
You will get a grade after every separate course. The scale of passed grades are five; E, D, C, B or A. If you fail you will receive grade F. If the teacher don´t have enough information to decide a grade due to your absence you get an -. You can also ask for a certificate.
After finishing an sfi-course you can get a grade from Solna Vuxenutbildning.
Please fill up the form via the link, headline "Populära sidor" to the right on this page.

Study allowances (CSN)
Students are not entitled to study allowances, CSN ( Centrala Studiestödsnämnden).
Certain rules apply if you receive unemployment benefit (A-kassa) and in the same time study sfi.
If so, you have to check with Arbetsförmedlingen.

How long is the training?
Course time varies, depending on educational background, previous knowledge and planned course of study. You can choose to study in the daytime, evenings, Saturdays or by distance.

Return after break of studies
If you want to continue your sfi-studies in Solna after earlier break you must contact the school.
Have you been away for more than three month and still live in Solna, you must make a new application at Solna Vuxenutbildning.

Change of school
If you f you wish to change school during your ongoing studies you must tell the school where you are studying right now.
Then you have to make a new application and choose a new school.
To sfi-application!

Living in Solna and wish to study in another municipality
If you are registered in Solna but wish to study in another municipality, you should apply in the municipality you want to study in. After you have made the application, you must send it to Solna, to Solna Adult Education. In the application you have to describe why you need to study in another municipality. For example, if you work in another municipality than in Solna, you need to attach a copy of your proof of employment.

Living in another municipality and wish to study in Solna
If you don´t live in Solna but whish to study in Solna you are able to choose a school in Solna.
You make the application via the municipality you live in.
You find the application "Ansökan sfi – sökande från annan kommun", headline "Relaterade document". After you have completed the application you send it to your home-municipality. Your home-municipality make the decision if you are allowed to study in Solna.

Sfi during Summer-time
Tuition is going on whole year and there is no break for Summer-holiday. If you have own plans for Summer-vacation you have to fill in a application for Summer-leave. The school where you study provide this application. You can apply for sfi during Summer. You find all information about Summer-schools to the right on this side; "Relaterade dokument" and Sfi information skolor.

Swedish for professionals (SFX)
Do you have professional qualifications from another country? Do you want to learn Swedish quickly, validate your skills and start working? Sfx - Swedish for professionals – consists of several different courses focusing on professional Swedish language, related to specific areas of work.
As citizen in Solna you apply for sfx via Solna Vuxenutbildning even though you may study in another municipality than Solna.
You can find more information about sfx at the web-site sfx-yrke.se. The link is on the right side of this page; headline " Populära sidor".

After finishing studies in Sfi
Have you received grade A or B after finished Sfi D- course, contact Solna Vuxenutbildning to do a placement test in Swedish as a second language. The test-result will determine which level you can apply course for.
Have you received a grade C, D or E on the Sfi D-course you, in most cases continue with Swedish as a second language, basic level module 2.

Språkcafé - Practice your Swedish
Would you like to practise your Swedish in a group? You are welcome to the library in Solna and practise your Swedish together with a Swedish speaking coach. Welcome to Solna Language Café at Solna library.